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History & Milestone

Cheer Full Group Limited is a holding company. Its wholly owned subsidiaries (and Factories)  specialize in manufacturing and sales of aluminum windows and doors, curtain wall, unitised curtain wall system, glass processing and a series of shower screen products. Products mainly sell to UK, Australia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

The group underwent structural reorganization and integration in 2015. There are three factories which are operated by Dongguan King Fund Metal and Glass Manufacturing Ltd., Dongguan Trillion Aluminium Glass Company Limited, and Foshan Sun Aluminium Door and Window Limited respectively. The group views it as its responsibility to provide high quality products and services to customers, and has obtained a series of certification with its products: ISO-9001:2015, 3C(E002551), BS6206:1981, BS EN 12600:2002, AS 2047:2014, AS/NZS 4666:2012 and AS/NZS 2208:1996.

With years of experience in developing the business, the group has built an excellent management heading a team of dedicated, pragmatic and progressive individuals, embracing a people-oriented approach in each facet of its business operation, creating a win-win concept for all. Even in the face of fierce competition, the group has never lost sight of the importance of employee safety, product optimization and environmental protection, and is committed to making high-quality products, building a solid reputation and earning the trust and acknowledgement from customers.

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Our Group

Sun Aluminium (HK) Ltd.

Trillion Glass (HK) Ltd.

Dongguan King Fund Metal and Glass Manufacturing Ltd.

Foshan Sun Aluminium Door&Window Ltd.

Mok Siu Kee Ltd.

Dongguan Trillion Aluminium Glass Company Ltd.

Cheer Full Group Limited’s subsidiaries:

Mok Siu Kee

Mok Siu Kee Limited is the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. The company is engaged in the aluminium windows, doors and shower screens, and continues to this date to design and improve on its products, to ensure that the windows, doors and shower screens introduced are in line with market need and standard. The company has a range of high grade door and window products, to better meet the need of different customers. All new employees upon joining the company undergo a comprehensive job training program provided by the company. Mok Siu Kee is the first and foremost dedicated to customer-oriented service.

Dongguan King Fund Metal and Glass Manufacturing Ltd

Dongguan King Fund Metal and Glass Manufacturing Ltd is a foreign-owned enterprise in Dongguan.  It specializes in the production and marketing of the Mok Siu Kee product series in China, the products are mainly sold in Hong Kong.

Dongguan Trillion Aluminium Glass Company Limited

Dongguan Trillion Aluminium Glass Company Limited, located in Dongguan, mainly deals in manufacturing of tempered, laminated, insulated, and heat-soaked glass.

Foshan Sun Aluminium Door & Window Limited

Foshan Sun Aluminium Door & window Ltd, located in Foshan. Its main business is in glass curtain walls, high grade windows and doors, shower screens and folding doors, as well as other stainless steel products. The company has specially set up an engineering design department to offer advice in product optimization to customers. The company has an axial role leading the group towards globalization.